Mestre Um-por-Um 

Name: Nilton Machado de Almeida

Group: Chapeu de couro

Country: Brazil (South-America)

City: Salvador, Bahia

Birthday: 1957-02-20

Day of death: 0000-00-00


Image: ../mestres/images/umporum.jpg

About Mestre Um-por-Um

Mestre Um-por-Um started with capoeira in 1972 with mestre Diton , in the neighbourhood of Massaranduba, Salvador. He recalls that the master was not very eager to admit him, thinking that he was very dumb and wouldn’t learn. All the same, some time later he had to feel proud to see this student of his, this former street urchin that used to pay for his first lessons giving out a day’s labour with the master on building works, doing so well in the roda. A few years later, he entered Mestre Nô’s academy, intending to earn a diploma for his capoeira abilities, which neither his master, nor Mestre Grande, with whom he trained some time too, could give him, because their academies had no formal registration. So he stayed five or six years in Mestre Nô’s academy, Orixás da Bahia (now under the supervision of Master Dinelson). At this time, capoeira had already changed his life a lot, dipping him in a social life that he had not known of, earning him a little money through shows, encouraging him and giving means to study, so that he could afterwards enlist in the Police Force.


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