Mestre Carcarà 

Name: Edmilson Cruz Lemos

Group: Grupo de Capoeira Angola Ogum

Country: Italy (Europe)

City: Neaples-Bari-Compobasso

Birthday: 1954-09-10

Day of death: 0000-00-00


Image: ../mestres/images/missicolor.jpg

About Mestre Carcarà

Edmilson Cruz Lemos (Mestre Carcarà) was born in Salvador-Bahia (Brazil) in 1954. He was initiated into capoeira at the age of thirteen by Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha. He went on studying with Mestre Gato until he reached the grade of Mestre. He was taught afro-brazilian dance and culture by Mestre King (Raimundo Bispo do Santo) and other famous teachers. At the same time he got involved in the candomblé (Afro-brazilian religion) where he held an important religious office (ogã) and was initiated into music, too. In the late Eighties he moved to Europe , where he lived for thirteen years diffusing the Afro-brazilian culture through “Balé Tropical” and other groups of world-wide renown. He went back to Brazil in 1990 bringing with himself a lot of experiences. Between 1992 and 1998 he devoted himself almost exclusively to music. He formed a group of female drummers called “Kallundu”-O Som das Meninas do Pelô, or Kallundettes, which through a mix of different rhythms succeds in diffusing afro-brazilian music blending the fascinating sounds of drums with the bursting femininity of Brazilian women. Since November 2000 Mestre Carcarà has established himself in Neaples-Italy-, where he has formed a group of capoeira angola called Ogum. In Neaples M. C. carries on his activity of musician and dancer,too. Periodically he organizes capoeira courses and workshops in Neaples, Bari and Campobasso, too.


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